Monday, January 26, 2009

OTU #102 - From Tulsa to Vienna and Barcelona

In this episode, Whitney and Elizabeth begin their Semester Abroad studies. Steve talks with Whitney live over Skype from Vienna, Austria. Later, Elizabeth shares her first experiences of her time in Barcelona, Spain.

If you'd like to know more about Elizabeth's time in Spain, you can check out her blog/vlog at

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Unknown said...

Hello Steve, Elizabeth, Whitney, & all the other On The U Podcasters,
I just finished listening to your 102nd episode (late on Jan. 26th, around 11:30PM CST) , and I really enjoyed this episode of your podcast! I passed a link, of this 102nd episode, onto my family and friends on facebook, mostly, and also a couple who don't have facebook-through email. I thought that they'd enjoy this great episode of your on the u podcast-- and I recommended (and I guess that you could say, I "plugged" this podcast!) your/this on the u college catholic podcast to them!

I really enjoy each and every episode of your college catholic podcast that I've listened to-since the fall of 2008(around August-September 2008, I first started listening and-to this day-am hooked!)!

Since I'm thinking about possibly studying abroad, this was a very interesting episode!
I'm a freshman undergraduate at Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL. And, since I'm thinking of possibly, maybe studying abroad sometime in the future, I am wondering and curious about the experience of studying abroad-- and I am wondering if perhaps Elizabeth and Whitney (and any others) who have studied abroad, could tell me (and others) who are thinking about studying abroad, first, how it is studying abroad--the experience of what its like, and second, How would you go about studying abroad?-Who to contact on campus?

Well, thank you, as always, and I look forward to future episodes of on the u!

Also, I recently started my own podcast-- of which you can find on my website (and check out my blogs) @
and my podcast (called, "Photo Cast") @
*Feel free to pass my podcast link/website link to anyone else who may be interested.

I am also on Skype (my skype name is: photographerdan ) ... Feel free to call me on skype if you'd like to chat for interview me for your podcast... as I previously said, I am a freshman undergrad @ Roosevelt University, located in the heart of the south loop of Chicago, IL!
You probably could by my lengthy feedback, that I"m a writer.

(On a side note, I heard about the Catholic New Media Celebration conference through the Catholic Family Podcast and the Daily Breakfast w/ Fr. Roderick, and also Catholic In A Small Town ... and If I have the money, and time availability, I might come and join y'all ~ and meet you guys... I really enjoy many of the SQPN podcasts, also well as the Busted Halo Cast and the Busted Halo online magazine! .. How's that for plugs!)

Thanks, ~and may God Bless you and the other OTU podcasters and listeners!