Sunday, May 18, 2008

OTU #83 - On the Road in Poland: Czestochowa

In our second episode from Poland, Jordan and Steve discuss their visit to Neapokalanov, home of the Franciscan monastery founded by St. Maximillian Kolbe. They also report on their wonderful visit to the Jasna Gora Monastery in Czestochowa, home of the "black madonna", Our Lady of Czestochowa.

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Anonymous said...

Love your podcasts!

Comment on what you said about the slanted kneelers. In Poland, people usually sit on the edge of their seats while at the same time putting one's knees on the kneelers. Hence, the reason why it seems too short for people with long legs and feels awkward if you are trying to 'properly' kneel. Once you do this, these kneelers are quite comfortable. In fact, I wish they had them here in North America :).

It's too bad you can't be there during Marian Feasts (especially Birth of the Virgin and day of Assumption). That's when A LOT of people gather in Czestochowa. You can really feel God then.

Steve said...

Thanks for your comment! I really appreciate it.

We loved being in Poland, especially during the First Communion season. Everywhere we went we ran into groups of First Communicants visiting the various shrines.

I bet it is really exciting to be there on a Marian feast.