Thursday, February 28, 2008

OTU #72 - Leap of Faith February: Christian Foundation for Children and Aging

We wrap up Leap of Faith February this week with an interview with Kristin Littrell of the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging.

Located in Kansas City, this organization seeks to implement in practical ways, the Church's teaching on social justice. With a mission to walk with the poor and marginalized throughout the world, CFCA's worldwide community now includes more than 310,000 sponsored children, youth and aging friends in 25 countries.

CFCA also has a new youth movement, called "Walk with the Poor," dedicated to helping students in developing countries finish their education with the help and support of students and young adults in the U.S. Their website contains a wealth of information and profiles of actual students being assisted by this movement. Be sure and check out the link below.

Visit CFCA's websites and learn more about their important work for those in need!

The gang also talks about current campus activities, such as the campus-wide Service Day, sponsored by the TU Student Association, and Newman's upcoming "polar bear" plunge.

OntheU's 75th episode is almost here! It should come during Easter Week. In celebration, we're going to have a special contest for our listeners. Any listener who leaves audio feedback for us between now and Easter will be entered in a drawing for a special gift from Guatemala. We will be visiting there during Holy Week and the Mayan people are known for their wood carvings, painting style, and weavings. We'll be bringing back some things that we know you will like, so be sure to send us an .mp3 message or call our feedback line at 918-919-0456 to be entered into this drawing.

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The Depths of a Year by Ehren Starks

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