Thursday, December 06, 2007

OTU #59 - Advent Calendar; Retreat with the Religious Sisters of Mercy

In this episode we recap last week's simulcast with the Busted Halo Cast. If you haven't checked out their online Advent Calendar, have a look at this link.

Last weekend, we had a terrific mini-retreat led by some of the Religious Sisters of Mercy. They took time from their busy responsibilities at Tulsa's St. Francis Hospital to speak to us about the meaning of Advent.

We had the opportunity to interview Sr. Gilmary and Sr. Mary Rosanna. We hope you enjoy this very interesting talk about their order, religious vocations for women, and the meaning of Advent.

For more information about the Religious Sisters of Mercy, please visit their website at this link.

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"Weaving" by Heavy Mellow

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