Friday, November 30, 2007

OTU #57 - Exams Are Coming!; The Meaning of Advent; Good News; Healthy Holiday Eating

Final are coming! The stress level is rising and the students are finally finding their textbooks. Kristin and Pat talk about their upcoming exams and strategies for dealing with the stress.

In a new "Question of Faith" segment, we talk about the meaning of Advent. How to reflect on the birth of Christ during the Nativity and the promise of his Second Coming!

We have the first edition of a new "Good News of the Week" segment. We search the world for good news of people acting virtuously in a world full of turmoil. In this edition we report on the Niall Mellon Township Trust from Ireland. This wonderful organization builds many homes in South Africa for people desperately needing housing.

Want to know more, check out this link.
Niall Mellon Township Trust

Our "Good Student" segment returns with our views on how to eat healthy during the holidays. Here are some simple suggestions for keeping an eye on the calories.

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