Thursday, September 27, 2007

OTU #49 - Modern Dating Rules; Taking Notes in Class

In this episode Kristin, Pat and I talk about how dating rules have changed. Are you confused about all the expectations people have about dating? Are there guy rules and girl rules? Listen to this interesting discussion!

The Tulsa State Fair is starting this week. Do you like food on a stick? Check out their website for all the disgusting food you can try - on a stick!

Tulsa State Fair

In our "Good Student" section, we discuss what we found works best for us when taking notes in class. Do you have note taking techniques that work for you? Send us an email at ontheu [at] or start a discussion in the OntheU group on Facebook!

Listen to this episode.

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Anonymous said...

I've finally tuned in and started listening to On The U podcasts. I loved hearing voices of people I know! I miss the Newman Center and everyone there. You guys sound good and I will definitely be listening to these on a regular basis.

Beth (formerly from upstairs)