Friday, April 13, 2007

OTU #34 - Happy Easter! Confirmation; Ultimate Frisbee; Hiatus

St. Therese Church - Collinsville, Oklahoma

Happy Easter! In this episode, we reflect on our Easter celebrations. Alex is back to talk about his first few days as a full-fledged Catholic.

Our big activity this weekend is our participation in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. This is a great activity that raises not only money but awareness of cancer and what is being done to cure it. See the following link for more information:

American Cancer Society - Relay for Life

Music in this episode from the Podsafe Music Network at
Love Will Find You There - The Sky Project

This Week's Trivia Question: What is the name given to the popular devotion associated with the Second Sunday of Easter, and who is the saint associated with it? Send your answers to us at ontheu [at] before the end of April in order to be entered in our monthly contest.

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