Thursday, October 26, 2006

OTU #10 - Halloween, All Saints and All Souls Day

We're celebrating Halloween in this episode of "On the U". Fr. Stuart is in for a new "Ask Padre" segment where he discusses the origins of Halloween and the meaning of All Saints and All Souls Day. You won't want to miss our special scary introduction or our new trivia question.

November is the month for remembering all our friends and family members that have passed away. The Newman Center will have a Book of Remembrance throughout the month, listing the names of those to be prayed for during our Masses. If you would like to have someone remembered, you can have that person's name entered into the book by emailing us at onthe [at]

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

OTU #9 - Soundseeing in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala

La Parroquia Santiago Apostol en Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala

Welcome to "On the U" and our first soundseeing tour! The Newman Center has had a long term relationship with the parish in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. Last summer I had the opportunity to visit the town for the Feast of St. James (Santiago) and the 25th Anniversary of the death of Fr. Stanley Rother. Listen to this episode for a taste of the sounds and music of this interesting Mayan town.

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Friday, October 13, 2006

OTU #8 - Padre's Haircut, Rebuilding Our Library, and Being a Music Director

In this episode we learn about Fr. Stuart's haircut in support of "Locks of Love," a great organization that you should know more about. See the link below! We also talk about our Newman Center's project to rebuild our library. Julie Carlson comes in for an interview about what it's like being our choir's Music Director. For music this week, we have a song called "Come with Me" by the The Clintons, and as always, a new trivia question!

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Music in this episode from the Podshow Podsafe Music Network
Come with Me - The Clintons

For more information about "Locks of Love", click here.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

OTU #7 - 60th Anniversary Celebration!

Catholic ministry at the University of Tulsa (our home) is 60 years old and we're celebrating! In this episode, we talk about our ministry on campus and have some interviews made during our 60th Anniversary Party and Dance. Since it's a new month, we'll also have our monthly trivia contest drawing!

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Many thanks to Bob Halligan, Jr. of Ceili Rain for permission to use their song, "God Done Good." Please check out their music at the following links:

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